311 Holston Creek Church Rd. 
INMAN, SC 29349
(864) 472-2663 


No Tickets Needed, Tour Buses Welcome!

Friday, Dec. 10th ~ Sunday, Dec. 12th
6:00 ~ 9:30 PM

An outdoor dramatic re-creation of first century Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born involving a cast of 135 actors.

Take a trip back in time to 1st Century Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born this year by attending  the Bethlehem Walk at Holston Creek Baptist Church, 311 Holston Creek Church Rd. Inman, SC (church located right off New Cut Rd. in Inman).

The Bethlehem Walk is a scripted outdoor drama between the tour guide and other actors. . It is not a drive through, but a walk through. It is a scripted drama involving a cast of over 135 costumed actors. The guided tour of Bethlehem takes about 30 minutes.

Tour groups of 10-12 are lead by a guide through the busy streets of Bethlehem in search of the new born Messiah.

Admission is free! It is gift of Holston Creek Baptist Church to the people of Spartanburg and the surrounding counties. Everyone that walks through Bethlehem is given a coin to pay their taxes and is an active participant in the drama. 

Visitors must register for the census and meet the mean old tax collector. On their journey through Bethlehem, visitors will encounter Roman Soldiers on horseback, in addition to cruel Roman Soldiers on the streets. They will meet the Prophet, the Rabbi, the Slave Seller, Tax Evaders and a host of other people.

There are 20 different merchant shops. The shops in the Bethlehem Market Place are: (1) Animal Shop (2) Basket Shop (3) Brick Shop (4) Vegetable Shop (5) Bread Shop (6) Carpenter Shop (7) Fruit Shop (8) Pottery Shop (9) Candle Shop (10) Jewelry Shop (11) Perfume Shop (12) Cheese Shop (13) Medicine Shop (14) Blacksmith Shop (15) Fish Shop (16) Cloth Shop (17) Tanner Shop (18) Clothing Shop (19) Shoe Shop (20) Salt Shop. Live animals at the Bethlehem Walk include: a Camel, donkey, sheep, goats, rabbit, calf, and chickens.

The climax of the walk is when the visitors finally arrive at the stable and see Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. Once the visitors leave Bethlehem they visit scenes depicting the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. At the last stop, the visitors meet the Follower of Jesus (played by the pastor of Holston Creek) at the Table of Life. Hot chocolate and cookies are served to all that attend at the Family Life Center.

This year marks the 16th year of the Bethlehem Walk at Holston Creek Baptist Church. The drama was written by the Pastor of the church, Dr. Reggie Parker, and the town was designed by Cooper Skelton. It takes the combined effort of many church members to construct the town each year. Every year anywhere from 3,000 – 4,500 people take the tour through Bethlehem. Coming to the Bethlehem Walk has become a Christmas tradition for many families in the Upstate.

For more information call the church at (864) 472-2663.